Saco River Theatre holds two discussions connected with each play in our season to give audiences members opportunities to engage with the productions and the themes of the plays from multiple viewpoints.  All of our discussions are free.  In the case of the Post-Show Talkbacks, patrons do not have to have attended the performance immediately preceding the discussion in order to attend the discussion. 



Held following each matinee performance, Post-Show Talkbacks offer audience members the rare opportunity to converse with the director and actors about their work on the play.  Post-show Talkbacks may delve into the rehearsal process, the actors’ experience of the script, the challenges of producing this particular play, all of the above, or any other questions you want to ask! 

Post-Show Talkbacks take place at the theatre on the Sunday after each show opens, immediately after the 2:30pm matinee performance. 

In the 2016 Season:
A PICASSO – Sunday, April 17th, after the 2:30pm show
THE UNEXPECTED GUEST – Sunday, July 17th, after the 2:30pm show
ANGEL STREET – Sunday, October 23rd, after the 2:30pm show



Interested in thinking about the stories The Originals create onstage from a new perspective? Or learning more about the places and times in which our shows take place? Each Saco River Theatre Offstage Exchange brings a different special guest from the community to join the conversation and lend their own expertise to discussion of the “offstage” themes and world of the play.  Come to listen and join in the conversation over coffee and refreshments.

Offstage Exchanges take place at the Old White Church (just one door up the road from the theatre) at 7:00pm on the Monday after each show opens. 

In the 2016 Season:    
A PICASSO – Monday, April 18th, at 7:00pm
THE UNEXPECTED GUEST – Monday, July 18th, at 7:00pm
ANGEL STREET – Monday, October 24th, at 7:00pm