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Leading Ladies , 2009

Leading Ladies, 2009

Line Dancing

Line Dancing

David Mallet

David Mallet


“Wow! Wow! Came to the Grange Wednesday evening to see your production of Man of La Mancha. Saw it elsewhere. Have seen tons of plays all over the country, Broadway productions, etc.  Nothing has moved me as your production. The set was remarkable, quality of voices was breathtaking, but perhaps most of all, it seemed the whole cast bought into the premise of the play – the importance of hope and belief.  Each scene was perfect.  Saw it with my 14 year old grandson – a caring, sensitive young man. Quite possibly, he may have just seen the best play he will ever see. Thank you.” 
—Gerri Palmer, Dunnellon, FL

“I suppose I could go to New York and pay $60 to see an ok production of The Wiz but why should I when I can see a superior performance in Bar Mills?”
—Brian Hodgkin, USM Electrical Engineering Dept.


“I’m drawn to everything you do because your group has the courage to try unconventional things, challenges the popular appetite for safe and familiar materials, and approaches the Arts in an eclectic, egalitarian way. The people you have at Tickets and Concessions are warm, friendly advocates for your enterprise and you don’t presume that your guests need elevating. It is also critically important that you continue to offer performances and performers of every kind without regard to age, sex, color, sexual orientation and the like. At The Saco River Theatre, I can reasonably expect to see a healthy, invigorating oleo of colors, ages, ideas, philosophies and approach to staging. That to me is progressive theater.  It must be preserved, here in Maine and everywhere we can find it.”
—Ross Batchelder, Berwick, ME


“On Thursday evening the ghosts of Charles Ives surely dwelt in the low tower of the old Universalist chapel by the bend in the river... he surely listened again to the sounds of music bringing different bands, different cultures, different human worlds together: Ives and Schubert, Berlin and Bar Mills, great music and good people.  What a beautiful moment.  What a gift...”
—John Hines, USM Philosophy Dept.


“In our 15 years of performing in New England, The Saco River Theatre is unique and quite remarkable. Few other arts organizations so fully embrace the spirit and practice of community arts presentation. The Packard/Porter vision of artistic excellence, small scale performances, local artists and the historic preservation of the Grange Hall has created a remarkable community treasure that deserves all the support we can deliver.”
—Peter Twitchell (The Fogg Brothers), Newburyport, MA

The Experience

“Your performance of The Crucible, (Saturday 11/5/1994) was by far the most powerful one we have ever seen and we have had occasion to watch many performances of Arthur Miller’s play over the years.  There were 6 direct descendants of Rebecca Nurse in your audience Saturday evening and we all thank you again for an outstanding performance.”
—Edie Hutchinson, North Waterboro, ME

“On our way to the Grange (to see Always...Patsy Cline) our friend thought maybe he had left his gas stove on high with a pot of soup cooking.  We decided to call 911 while we were waiting to get into the hall.  Just before show time, we found out that, yes, he had, and the fire department had just broken down a door into his apartment and aired out the smoke.  At intermission, we asked him if he wanted to leave. He said no, because he was enjoying the show too much!”
—Gail Berenson, Portland, ME

The Relationship

“The Packard family’s purchase and restoration of the old Saco River Grange Hall has been an uplifting experience for the whole community. Buxton, Hollis and surrounding area residents have come to feel great pride and satisfaction with the ongoing plays, concerts, dances and other activities at the hall.  The continued enthusiastic support of many businesses and often sold out engagements bears witness to the fact that this is a community treasure which I hope will continue for years to come.” 
—Pat Morse, WMPG

“I wanted to say how much I appreciated being in The Saco River Theatre that night (Home Schoolers Variety Show.) There was something about the building that added tremendously to the atmosphere of the show and to the feeling that our families were involved in something timeless…a sharing of talents and good will that could have taken place a hundred years ago in the same spirit of community that we experienced that evening. Thank you for maintaining this building and for sharing it with others.”
—Earl Stevens, Portland, ME